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Hurricane Irene is the latest in a series of “natural disasters” that we can consider evolutionary wake up calls.

I wrote an email Saturday morning with some perspective and suggestions. Perhaps some of the principles are more universal than specific to this event.

Right after the email went out I got lots of very powerful, touching responses from people who were in the midst of the storm. I was inspired by their ability to quickly move into their hearts and the center of their own power.

The next morning the headlines reported “Six Million Without Power,” and I thought “these folks may be without utilities, but they are profoundly powerful!!!!”

Here are some of the beautiful emails I received:

“Here in Massachusetts we are scurrying around with physical preparations: buying batteries, filling bathtubs, checking sump pumps, bringing in anything that might blow away . . . now I will take meditative time for the spiritual preparations that you have laid out for us.”

“My nephew and his team arrived in North Carolina today — they are from the Humane Society. Once they get ‘invited into the state’ by the government, they can start rescuing animals. Thank you for the reminder that we can be of service from afar. Our thoughts and groundedness help.”

“It filled me with a sense of power to do the meditations that you so generously shared with us. I communicated with the nature elements that I was willing to offer up a number of things, asking that no damage to house, trees or property occur. So far, so good! I asked this on behalf of my neighbors as well, and everyone concerned. You are right about the elements standing by to help. I could feel that sense of, “Just ask us!”

“It was extremely calming to choose how I wanted to relate to the storm. In that context it was very easy to choose to feel capable, trusting and strong. As we began to feel the effects with the rain and the wind, I felt more at ease. More at ease than I felt dealing with the hypothetical situation I’d never experienced before.”

“Thank you Jane. I am taking your words into contemplation as the rain and winds beat against my home stronger by the hour. I love the concept of sending off the negativity with the winds and replacing fears with a sense of unity and love.”

“Thank you, this really helped me get through the storm.”

“Thank you so much for reminding us of our ability to work co-creatively with Nature.Your images and suggestions are powerful and are reminding me of the ability I have to help. I actually have some positive memories of hurricanes as a child, having grown up near Cape ‘Cod on the East coast. I remember the excitement and more of the power of the wind and rain than my fear of it. I remember it was a time of kerosene lanterns, flashlights, candles and quiet games in the dark with my brothers and sisters. It was almost a feeling of being in the womb awaiting this rebirth, this emergence of clarity and freshness in the air and broken trees that we could play with. There was a lot of waiting in the dark. The normal routine was stripped away.”

“Thank you Jane. I really appreciate how you are lifting your work out of the personal into the global. This is very important at this point. Your guidance and attuned wisdom is and will be a significant resource for all of us.”

I feel incredibly blessed to be part of our soul family that is waking up together to the power and potential of healing in partnership with Nature. Thank you so very much for being in my life!


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