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Horses are an expression of Nature that I have recently fallen in love with. Last Friday my friend Deni Bluestein and I made an essence of a 1300 pound black gelding named Sander.

I met Sander two months ago while attending a life changing workshop with Julie Bridge and her horses. In one exercise we connected energetically with the horse we were drawn to and spent some time together in an enclosed space. We were to listen in our hearts to an intention and ask the horse how he could support us in that. Mine was to feel safety and love in my body at the same time.

Sander was across the pasture eating carrots from the hands of the other students. As soon as my intention was clear he turned and walked straight towards me at a good clip. As he came near me I felt an old template of not feeling safe slide out of my energy field, as if his huge heart came towards me and pushed it right out of my life. He nuzzled my heart with his nose and something shifted. We walked together for quite awhile, one of us leading and then the other.

At one point he stopped and let his whole body relax and leaned into me very gently as if to invite me to let go. The paradox of feeling totally safe leaning against this huge black horse was a profound experience. At one point he had me walk behind him, which technically was unsafe, and I trusted my instincts that I was with a master and was totally safe.

At the end of the day Julie talked about her experiences taking students out with herds of horses under the light of the full moon, and the words welled up inside of me, “Wow, THAT is a reason to live!”

Sander is a Friesian, a very old European breed originally bred as a war horse. A 1,300 pound black male warrior. The experience of making the essence and the following two days were a journey into the warrior archetype, both globally and within myself. I learned a lot about power, personally how I can claim it in a healthy way, what I did over the course of a few days to dissipate my power and how to create more options for myself in the future.

More time and research will be required to determine if this essence is to be released to the world. I am grateful for the condensed evolution I experienced, and support Julie’s work in bringing the healing energy of horses to those lucky enough to work with her and her equine partners.


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