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Doing work that I truly love has been an incredible gift, but on the flip side, I have been challenged to set limits and not expand beyond my physical reserves. I’m currently healing from adrenal fatigue and I am taking this on as a grand adventure to change behaviors, habits and perspectives that are outdated so I can live a more ensparkelated, balanced and sustainable life.

Since the Hawaiian Essences are about personal sustainability, I have no doubt this is a divine set up, and the antidotes they provide for overwhelm, overwork, and overstress are right up my alley.

Two of the most important shifts for me have been to change my relationship with time and give myself permission to play.

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In order to become aware of when “enough” becomes “too much,” I used Peace Beach and Replenish to break the habit of being in perpetual motion and find a place inside of myself that is calm and still. This has really soothed my nervous system and I can turn my mind off at night in order to sleep. Misting myself and the bed with Replenish Spray before going to sleep helps me shift gears from being active to deeply relaxed.

Timelessness and Timeless Presence have helped me shift my relationship to time. I no longer feel I am wasting time when I take care of myself by playing with friends, being outside, doing an art project or taking a nap. I am learning to trust time and notice when my energy is right to do certain things, like writing the blogs and newsletters. The same task can be a stressful push or effortless play depending on whether I am resisting or flowing with time.

By getting more done in less time, and enjoying the process instead of feeling pressured, I save time to spend in ways that are nourishing to me.

Noni helps illuminate the underlying cause of illness. For many of us, rushing and pushing ourselves can lead to depletion. As I relish life and pause for pleasure, my blood pressure has gone down, my sleep has improved, my muscles are more relaxed and my moods are consistently lighter and more joyful.

Two of my practitioners said, “Happiness trumps everything else” in the healing process. Knowing what feeds us and brings us joy and pleasure are a prescription for vibrant health. Part of my new plan is getting daily doses of Vitamin P… Pleasure and Play! Pleasure Full and Cup of Gold help us recognize and seek what brings joy and pleasure. Doing more of what we love is good medicine!

Other essences oriented towards pleasure and play are Coral, Dolphin Blessings, Plumeria, Pua Kenikeni, Splendid Palm, Hula Moon and Naked, all of which I will talk about in future blogs.

I would love to hear what you have to say about time, pleasure, play, permission, and personal sustainability. May we all be blessed for sharing our gifts with the world, and for our efforts to make this a better place. May we find that our connection offers encouragement and support so we know we are not alone and we can heal in partnership with Nature and each other.

Playful blessings,



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  1. Maria Helena P.G.Barijan says:

    Jane, the Jane Bell Essences are incredibles. Thank's.

  2. andrea schlupp says:

    Just learned about your essences. Actually saw the sign while living on Molokai. Would love to be kept in the loop.Andrea from "Healing Journey Health Consulting"

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