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Peace Beach

This is our favorite beach, dedicated to children and lovingly cared for by the neighborhood grandmothers.

After several visits to this place we came to call Peace Beach, we were drawn to lay down on the coral and lava by the edge of the ocean. We began to notice how deeply relaxed we felt even though we were laying on such a sharp and spiky bed.

Peace Beach

We became aware of a profoundly soothing and very special energy and realized we were being invited to make an essence.

“This is a safe place-when we recognize safety we relax. Relaxation initiates healing responses and processes in the body. We place ourselves at risk with perpetual motion and over stimulation. We all need an out breath. Relaxation is a form of protection-an internal freedom to self regulate and regain rhythmicity vs being dominated by external stimulus and demands. There are a certain set of activating and arousing processes that gear up to support our dynamic actions, and when we rest and relax a different set of mechanisms take over.

Resting can put us more in touch with the sacred, of being held by life. As we feel gratitude and our heart opens, that is where we experience connection to all of life. This is the place where we receive and fill. Many of us are good givers and need practice receiving. Buying more stuff and having more money does not fill this place of longing for connection.”

As a single essence Peace Beach returns you to a place of inner peace, allowing you to surrender the habit of perpetual motion and recognize when you are becoming depleted. Promotes feeling safe enough to slow down and get the rest you need and deserve.
As a component of the Replenish formula, it sets the foundation for safety. Only when we feel safe can we relax and open to receive.

Great gratitude to the ocean, the coral and lava, the dolphins and the keepers of Peace Beach. May all beings feel safe, relaxed, and held by the loving creation forces of life!

Rainbow Shower Tree

We made this essence twice on two different islands. Plumes of glorious yellow and pink flowers grow on fairly large trees and smell sweet like Jasmine. The petals are very dry and papery with a strong signature of five petals. The flowers begin as enclosed globes and open up as they mature.

Issues of safety and vulnerability came up both times we made the essence. The first time I became aware of the neighbors house and wondered if they could see through our front glass door. A lot surfaced for me about safety, privacy, and vulnerability. The second time we had problems finding a safe place to prepare the essence, all of the trees we saw were right next to the road. One morning pulling out of our driveway I looked back and saw a grove of Rainbow Shower Trees next door which we had not noticed. What grace!

“It is safe to feel safe! Feeling vulnerable can be scary, and is necessary for true connection and intimacy. There are a range of responses to feeling vulnerable..closing down, hardening and protecting, and staying open, soft and trusting. The other side of vulnerability is safety and connection. Safety and connection help buffer stress and soothe the nervous system.”

This is a great essence to redefine vulnerability for oneself and find the truth about vulnerability, safety, and connectedness. Rainbow Shower Tree weaves an angelic level of grace that helps harmonize relationships and group energy, helping people move through vulnerability and feel safe to connect.

We have included Rainbow Shower Tree in three of our eight Combination Formulas for the gentle support for feeling safe that this essences offers.

Rainbow Shower Tree nurtures you with feelings of safety so you can accept your vulnerability and trust the unfolding of life. It encourages group harmony by weaving angelic grace into the fabric of family and community.



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