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We are very lucky today to have a guest blog by Dr. Dorothy Mandel. She is sharing wonderful knowledge with us about Pleasure Science, and how we can heal ourselves through playful relaxation. Enjoy! – Jane

Pleasure adds sweetness to life, and there is scientific evidence that pleasure heals.

Dr. Dorothy Mandel and Flowers

Pleasure is anti-inflammatory. As babies, we are meant to be surrounded by safety and pleasure so that our nervous systems adapt to that state of comfort as a default mode. There’s a good reason for that, as pleasure is what allows us to repair and restore our bodies and psyches from both the stresses of everyday life, and the traumas that inevitably happen.

Our nervous systems are meant to dance between high arousal, movement-oriented, creative life sustaining endeavors and restful, playful, pleasureful restorative periods.

When we have ongoing stress or unresolved traumas, our nervous system pathways for pleasure and play gradually begin to shut down until eventually we forget what inner peace and pleasure feel like, and how even to recognize or let them in. 

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of pleasure as an extra, like frosting on the cake. But really, pleasure is an essential state to cultivate if we want optimum health and well-being. 

Rewiring our nervous systems for peace and pleasure is something we can learn to do easily, and the rewards are many. Here are a few tips:

  • Use flower essences that support pleasure and restoration. Hawaii is a place that radiates pleasure, and the Hawaiian essences are so much about peace, pleasure and restoration. While there are a number of essences that I use for helping rewire the peace and pleasure circuits, Pua Keni Keni is one of my favorites. Pua Keni Keni helps us feel a deep sense of inner pleasure that draws us into receptive mode-pleasure that fills and replenishes our personal resource bank. Plumeria is another essence that is wonderful for waking up the sense of pleasure. Plumeria trees are usually loaded with blossoms and their sweet fragrance fills the air. While Pua Keni Keni helps us fill up and savor peace and pleasure within, Plumeria helps us express pleasure outwardly and share the joy. 
  • Enjoy 5 minutes of sincere heart-focused appreciation or caring each morning.
  • Look for, savor, and replay some good feeling moments each day and feel the same good feelings you felt when they first happened. Imagine that each time you do this you are pushing a reset button in your nervous system that is feeding your peace and pleasure circuitry. It’s also a great alternative to replaying the bad things over and over. Repetition creates relevance that rewires our hearts, brains and nervous systems. 
  • Get out in nature and enjoy the balancing energy that nature offers.

Remember, pleasure is not the frosting on the cake, but a lifestyle choice as important as eating food and drinking water. Enjoy! 🙂

Dr. Dorothy Mandel

Dr. Dorothy Mandel is a holistic psychologist and flower essence practitioner with a private practice in Santa Rosa CA. She uses a variety of alternative and complementary strategies with a focus on helping clients learn skills and strategies to rebalance and rewire their nervous systems for peace, pleasure, and loving connection. Dr. Mandel believes we all deserve to live sustainable lives in support of a sustainable world, so she also coaches clients on developing healthy life style changes, spiritual growth, personal passion and meaningful work. 


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