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Adrenal exhaustion is a great teacher. I have a photo of healthy kidneys and adrenals pinned up by my computer, and I frequently gaze in appreciation at all the amazing functions they provide. 

Now I have to do my part. Besides changes in diet, sleep habits, and pacing my activities during the day, I find that orienting towards play and pleasure have been my greatest healers.

I notice that the more I play the quicker I rebound from stress. My inflammation level is lower and I’m sleeping better and waking up earlier ready to take on the day. A big challenge for me is slowing down. By doing so I often experience more pleasure in the moment. As I take more time away from work, the more enjoyable work becomes.

Thou Shalt Not Overwork

Cup of Gold has been so helpful for recognizing what nourishes and restores me at this stage of my life.  Nature, Spirit, Love, Connection, Collaboration, Beauty, Creativity and Expression are guiding lights for my healing process.

This month has been full of pleasure, including walks under the moonlit night sky, hikes to visit my favorite wildflowers, a day long meditation retreat, luxuriating in the turkish steam bath at the new Ayurvedic center in town, a trip to the coast to celebrate a friend’s birthday while watching whales cavorting off the coast, planting the garden, and really sweet social times. 

My latest passion is my home. In collaboration with a brilliant designer, I have been changing my home from a beautiful, serene sanctuary to a vibrant social space that is an invitation to love. I’m ready for new colors, textures, and tougher elements like metal, cowhide, cement, geometric patterns and furniture with edges. Parts of myself that have been underground for a long time are being allowed expression. 

On paper it would seem rather insane to take on a big project like this when I am recovering from overdoing. The inspiration and laughter of a great collaboration, the thrill of the hunt to find just the right piece of used furniture, along with the energetic and visual changes in my environment have added so much vibrancy to my daily life. And… I have had two friends from out of state stay overnight in my newly created loft/guest room/treehouse hideaway!

Tonight I get to choose essences to go in the living and dining room paint. I am looking forward to finding out which essences will become part of my new fabulous space.

I would love to hear what you are doing to enjoy life and take care of yourself. Please let me know in the comments, or on my Facebook page if you prefer!

May your summer be full of joyous restoration through pleasure and play,



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  1. I loved reading this post Jane. Especially your excitement about transforming your home and using the essences in the paint! I hope your space has brought you all the joy and love you deserve...
    Bright Blessings,
    Emily xo

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