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In the last blog I mentioned bugs, and probably some of you went “ewwwww.” For most of us that is our conditioned response to bugs. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from communicating with Nature is that everything that is alive has a right to live, comes from the same creator, has intelligence and will cooperate if met with awareness and respect.

Awareness and respect are key. A colleague of mine is researching alternative methods of treating infections that don’t resort to the typical combative approach. He once said “You can’t make peace with a country you are bombing.” Brilliant. In our modern day health care system we talk about winning the battle with cancer, fighting a cold, etc. I am very optimistic and intrigued about cultivating a non-combative approach to health care.

Over the years I have worked effectively with ant infestations, head lice, mold, fleas, bed bugs — all things we would consider undesirable. My approach is always the same. Rather than trying to get rid of something, I approach with respect, initiating a dialogue and then listening. Once communication is established, there is often an opportunity to change the relationship of the host to the “pest,” and I see attitudes and outcomes change for the better as a result.

This has led me to investigate attitudes and processes that work with all of the forms of life that I encounter rather than against them.

This is something to consider next time we say “ewwwww” to anything. I have witnessed mold stop growing, deer stay out of gardens, and even mosquitos not bite me in Alaska — all in response to a willingness to work with the cooperative forces of Nature and life.

May you be blessed to discover the love, support, intelligence, and cooperation of the natural world.


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  1. julie berkhout says:

    I love being reminded of this. We have been struggling with a fly "problem" in our composting toilets. I see that even how I am writing about this is creating separation. I have also been aware of a little inner voice saying "what if this is somehow a blessing" I am curious what will happen as I approach these beings with respect and as I listen to them.
    Thank you

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