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Our latest blog post is written by Kathleen Aspenns. Kathleen is a highly attuned Certified Flower Essence Practitioner who has assisted me in the research and development of the Hawaiian Essences and Sprays over the last five years. Please enjoy her blog about Naked! ~ Jane


The upcoming elections are an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our shared values. While discussions of politics tend to flare tempers and and highlight differences of opinion, I think the bigger issue in any election is our shared investment in the future. In the end, all of us really want the same essential things – to love and be loved, to thrive in our endeavors, to be warm and fed. Once we get past the divisiveness, we can clearly see our similarities. A group of individuals working together for the common good is the point of democracy. We all have a voice, a vote, and a responsibility to use it wisely.

Vote NakedWhat does this have to do with Naked? Our culture would have us think that nakedness is something to be hidden or to disguise with fashion in order to conform to societally acceptable norms. What would happen if everyone showed up as themselves? Chaos would ensue, right? Well, we disguise ourselves in more ways than simply with clothes. We take on “acceptable” roles and personas in so many ways, often completely unconsciously. Just because our family (or friends) ate, dressed, spoke and thought in a certain way – are these things ours, or have we just become accustomed to them?

A deep exploration with Naked can give us insight into who we really are, without all the extraneous “stuff” we pick up along the way. To me, taking Naked is like going for a swim in the warm Hawaiian ocean. You are enveloped in the water, every part of your body is accepted and nurtured. The water makes no judgements, it simply allows you to be alive and fully inhabit your body – you are truly naked. Once you experience this aliveness and sensory awareness you know far more clearly who you are. With this self-knowledge, and more importantly, complete self-acceptance, you can then go out into the world radiating your true self.

When you radiate your true essential self you naturally speak and act from your heart. There is no fear or reactiveness, judgement or dogma. In this place of self-radiance we can share who we are. In this place we are able to hear and respond to the needs of others, while maintaining healthy boundaries and looking after ourselves. By connecting to our radiance we contribute to a more evolved community, country and planet. We envision a brighter future while taking actions to support our highest ideals.

So, get out there and let your radiant self be heard – vote Naked!


For more information about Kathleen’s work with nature, humans and animals, please visit kathleenaspenns.com.


2 Responses to Naked: Reflecting on Self-Radiance

  1. Marilyn Holt says:

    What a blessed relief it would be to have candidates courageous enough to be "naked" in their values and beliefs. Send them a few quarts of Naked!

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