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There is a spotlight in the center of the stage…


She enters.

She stands in the center of the spotlight, eyes closed, knees shaking.

She waits.

She breathes.

She prays.

She worries.


There it is again!

That ‘voice in the head’.

She calls that voice, ‘the nasty little bitch’.

The voice that often tries to stop her whenever she tries something new; tries to take a bold step; step in front of an audience; a classroom; a public presentation. Whenever she tries to take a bold step onto the stage of her life.


She knows what she wants to say. She knows what she must do. She knows she must connect with the audience and deliver her message.

But that voice. That voice is so loud…

It is screaming, ‘don’t see me; don’t see me; DON’T SEE ME…’


At the very moment when she is sure she will disappear forever, she reaches into her the deep pocket of her magic bag and pulls out her special bottle of Hawaiian Essence,


She sprays the essence Naked above her; below her; in front of her; behind her: to the right side; to the left side. She sprays the naked from head to toe.


She takes a deep, full breath. She opens her eyes. She see’s her audience. Everything is now crystal clear. Everyone is looking at her. She hears the voice in her head soften and give way to another voice that sings: ‘See me! See me! SEE ME!’



The essence that allows you to be seen and heard, in all your brilliance and splendor!


Arina Isaacson is an internationally recognized director; improvisational actress; theatrical clown; master puppeteer and storyteller in the New Vaudeville and avant-garde theater movements of both the United States and Europe. She founded and was the longtime director of the San Francisco School of Clown and Improvisational Theater.

Arina is a painter, a vision board collage artist, sculptor and creativity coach. Her personal website is www.arinaart.com.

She brings her arts based learning expertise to the field of executive coaching, inspirational leadership and presence and presentation and story coaching. Her focus is on leadership presence which is a skill set for inspiring, motivating, influencing and connecting with the any audience. She has consulted internationally with senior management teams across the globe. Arina is currently a part of the professional faculty at UC Berkeley/Haas School of Business and UC Davis Graduate School of Management where she teaches Leadership Communication and Storytelling for Leadership to MBA students. Arina works with diverse populations of international students, MBA students and corporate executives around the globe. Her business website is www.arinainc.com.

And, Arina never leaves home without her bottle of Naked!


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