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In celebration of our featured essence and spray for the month…Replenish, I decided to take last week off for a “stay-cation”. So much of my time is spent on the phone with clients or at my computer handling correspondence and business matters related to flower essences. I needed some unstructured play time in Nature to recreate, refill, recharge, and renew.

My friend Dorothy and I went for walks, hung out at the ocean, lolled in her hammock and took a wonderful enzyme bath. During this time we lavished ourselves with Replenish drops and spray. Ahhhhhh!

In the midst of writing the newsletter and blog about Replenish, I did my best to give you useful suggestions. I was also aware that there is a whole other level to the Hawaiian Essences and sprays that is easily accessible.

Lakeside RelaxationOne night I was guided to take a journey with Replenish. As dusk approached I sat quietly for an hour or so, alternately taking drops of Replenish and spraying. As I felt the energetics of the essences, was transported by the sensual beauty of the essential oils, I naturally connected to the love, wisdom, guidance and bio-intelligence of the plant spirits. Feel, smell, listen.

My first experience was dropping beyond words, to a place where I was not thinking in words and language, there was just awareness and sensation. One of the things that can keep me awake at night is my mind being over-stimulated and busy, so this was a beautiful interlude of pure presence. Then I became aware of my body…all parts all at once, and enjoyed the delicious sensation of relaxing. My neck and shoulders carry a lot of tension, and I sprayed some Replenish on those areas and felt my neck gently soften and release. Rather than trying to change anything I was just noticing. It felt SOOO good. After my body was relaxed my attention was drawn to my heart which was opening like a flower and radiating out. I felt SO connected, to Nature, to Hawaii, to all of you. I felt so joyful and nourished! In that moment I experienced a deeply receptive state in which I could FILL and RECEIVE. I sat with tears streaming down my cheeks as Nature led me to a deep experience of allowing myself to replenish.

The visceral memory of being still, relaxed, open, connected, and nourished has stayed with me. I can call it up at will. This feeling of replenishing is exactly what I have been looking for all week in the redwood groves, by the ocean, in a hammock or enzyme bath. I carry it with me and recall the experience each time I spray or take Replenish.

I encourage you to develop your own living relationship with each of the Hawaiian Essences, starting with Replenish. Taking the time to truly drop down and listen, you will be guided, supported, loved and communicate with the spirit of Nature within.

Please tell me about your Replenish journey and what you do in your daily life to replenish.

With warm tropical blessings,


P.S. For those of you who have been using the Hawaiian Essences for awhile, Replenish is the new name for Deep Rest. I had to rename it for trademark purposes.


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