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Our latest blog is written by Kathleen Aspenns, who is an animal lover, a certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and a Tellington Method Equine Practitioner who specializes in working with horses and their owners. Enjoy her great insights about working with Hula Moon! – Jane

As a flower essence practitioner, I have found many uses for the Hawaiian combination essence Hula Moon. On a day-to-day basis, I take a few drops whenever I need to complete mundane household duties (dusting or vacuuming, for instance) or even dreaded tasks (such as preparing tax returns). Hula Moon provides a note of levity and fun that motivates me, and allows me to shift my perspective from foot dragging to an attitude of getting it done.

Hula Moon

I find it to be an excellent combination for many of my clients as well. Hula Moon creates an atmosphere of feminine community many of us lack. Until very recently, people lived together in tight knit communities with many generations participating in each other’s lives. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” reflects the value of having the support of friends and multiple generations of family members to share in the work of nurturing the young.

Today, many parents are struggling to raise children without additional support. This often results in overburdened mothers (and fathers) who neglect their own needs and become burned out. A child may start to caretake other family members before they are emotionally ready to do so, at an age when they should still be playful and carefree. Hula Moon can help support both the parent and the child in these circumstances.

The three flower essences in Hula Moon are Dwarf Poinciana, Royal Poinciana and Rainbow Shower Tree. My perception of these essences is as a type of feminine triad, the various phases of mature female energy. The Royal Poinciana provides the mature wisdom and guidance of experience, while the Rainbow Shower Tree offers nurturing and the sense of safety. Dwarf Poinciana offers the fun and enthusiasm of an auntie who still loves to play dress up and have tea parties. The three elements together combine to encourage you to connect to your inner child and enjoy the feeling of being able to play freely, safe in the knowledge that a juice box and snack, or a band aid and kiss for a scrape, are at the ready, and that all your needs will be met with kind attention.

I often recommend Hula Moon to clients who have had to grow up too quickly and assume responsibility for their families. This is a common situation for women, who can then find themselves, as adults, out of touch with their playful, childlike self. Hula Moon encourages them to take time for themselves, gives them permission to put down their responsibilities for just a little while to nurture themselves.

This essence is also wonderful for animals, especially for dogs. Family dogs often feel a lot of responsibility to look after everyone in the household, a very stressful situation. Hula Moon helps them feel supported so they don’t feel they have to do it all themselves. When my dog Kate had her puppy, Hula Moon helped her to realize my husband and I were both there to help her take care of and raise him. She was then able to relax and allow us to watch him so she could rest.

In our culture, play and rest are considered unproductive at best, and a even little bit suspect. Many of us find it hard to relax, hearing the voice that admonishes us to work even harder. However, in order to maintain our mental, physical and emotional health, it is vital to take time to restore ourselves, to re-create. The Hawaiian essences are perfectly suited to help us with this, and Hula Moon invites you to go out and play!

Please visit KathleenAspenns.com to learn more about Kathleen and her wonderful work.


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