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Animal FAQs

Provided by Kathleen Aspenns, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

Are Flower Essences safe for my pet?

Yes. Flower Essences work on the energy body, and have no potential for toxicity. There are no chemical components to flower essences other than the brandy which is used as a preservative. There are several ways to administer flower essences that do not involve ingestion and therefore avoid even minimal exposure to alcohol.

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Is it harmful for my other pets to drink water with essences?

Flower Essences have no harmful side effects. An essence that is not beneficial to the animal will have no effect. Flower Essences can be put into a shared water dish without harm to the other animals in the household.

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Can Flower Essences be used with Western medicine or other treatments?

Flower Essences combine well with other healing modalities and can be added into any kind of health care program. They do not adversely affect any other medicine or treatment.

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Can Flower Essences cure physical illness?

Flower Essences do not cure illness, but they do support the animal and help them relax so that medical care or other therapies are better tolerated. The body does a better job of healing itself when stress is reduced.

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What are Flower Essences used for?

Flower essences primarily treat mental, emotional and behavioral issues. They are very effective in alleviating stresses and fears.

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How do I give Flower Essences to my pet?

Flower essences can be given in a number of ways:

  • Put a few drops from the bottle on a treat – if your animal doesn’t like the smell of the brandy you can put a few drops in a glass of water, stir well, then dip a treat in the water and offer
  • Add a few drops in a misting bottle filled with water and mist around the animal, bedding, cage, or room
  • Put a few drops on your hand and pet into the animal’s coat
  • Put drops in the animal’s drinking water (offer new water twice daily)

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How do I choose Flower Essences for my animal?

Most people choose Flower Essences for their animals based on descriptions of essences found in books or catalogs. I recommend people also ask their animal which essence they would prefer. If you show a few bottles to your animal (one at a time) they will let you know what they want. Usually they will turn away from what they do not want, and turn towards, sniff or otherwise touch the bottle containing the essence they want.

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How many essences do I give at one time?

It is better to use fewer essences than for people. A rule of thumb is to use 3 to 5 essences at any time, but good results can come from using a single remedy.

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How long do I give the essences?

  • For an animal in crisis, give immediately and as often as every few minutes until improved
  • For long term issues, give for 2 weeks and evaluate, change the formula or continue at this time
  • Be sure to pay attention to your animal – they will often tell you when they no longer need a flower essence by not reminding you when it is time for their next dose or refusing it when offered. If you are giving flower essences in a water bowl, offer two bowls (one with essences, one without) and see which your pet prefers.

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How often do I give the essences?

  • For long term or chronic issues, give twice daily
  • For acute issues, give four times a day or as often as every few minutes

There is no need to worry about giving essences too often. Some animals respond almost immediately to the essences, and others take a few weeks to a month to show any changes. Pay attention to any behavioral changes. The best way is to take written notes of behaviors and note how often they take place. If there has been an overall reduction of problem behavior over a period of weeks, you know you are on the right track with the essence.


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