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Alaska is known for its stunning beauty, purity, power and vibrant life force. It is one of the most intact environments in the world. These qualities come through the Alaskan Flower, Gem, and Environmental Essences which have enjoyed popular use worldwide for more than four decades.

Whether you choose a combination formula designed to meet a host of common conditions, sprays to refresh and uplift your energy and environment, or a complete kit to make custom blends for yourself and others, I know you will find these products to be life-enhancing.

My roots are with the Alaskan Essences. After several years as a Flower Essence practitioner I moved to Alaska in 1991 to join Steve Johnson in researching and preparing the Alaskan Essences. During my first winter I was directed to make a series of Gem Elixirs in various environments in Alaska, which Steve and I did in the summer of 1992. We went on to develop the Combination Formulas to make essences accessible to the general public and developed our annual practitioner training program. Our interest in Space Clearing led to the creation of our world renowned Sacred Space Sprays, and more recently our Combination Sprays.

Since moving from Alaska in 1998 I continue to love and support the Alaskan Flower Essence Project in many ways. My time there and the 20+ year partnership with Steve has been a foundation for my work with Nature, for which I will always be grateful. Steve passed away on March 17, 2017 and is deeply loved and missed.


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