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Many of us are having a hard time staying healthy and relaxed with the pace life is going and the weight of collective stress. Most of my clients use Replenish drops and sprays to sleep more soundly, relax and unwind, and navigate the anxiety that can arise when times are challenging.

On our first trip to make Hawaiian Essences, my dear friend Dorothy Mandel and I were led through a series of amazing experiences that resulted in nine new essences. Upon returning home I wanted others to be able to experience the “restorative response” that is the essence of Hawaii — and that is how the Replenish Combination was born.

I want to share the stories of making the three nourishing essences in Replenish. I’ll start with Dolphin Blessings and finish up with Peace Beach and Rainbow Shower Tree in my next posts.

Dolphin BlessingsDolphin Blessings was a total surprise. Early one morning we went to a favorite beach carrying a piece of fluorite given to us by a friend who lived on the island and had a great affinity for the dolphins. We put the fluorite in a bowl of seawater, and with Dorothy offering beautiful flute music in the background I began to send blessings and thanks to the dolphins for their help in my own personal healing. During a tough time in my life, my therapist suggested a place to stay in Hawaii where I might be able to swim with dolphins. They showed up every day for 12 days and it was an experience I will always treasure.

When attuning with Nature in this intimate way, I am very clear about my intentions. In this case we simply came to offer our gratitude and praise, without asking for anything in return. Right away I felt a response from the dolphins in the bay that they would LOVE to create an essence together to share with as many people as possible.

I had previously learned that dolphins never entirely sleep, that part of their brain is always awake. Having been a chronic insomniac, my interest was peaked. The dolphins shared that when they sleep they go into “undifferentiated consciousness” where they lose their sense of their individual selves and become “one” with source energy.  During that time they receive a tune up of sorts that allows them to get the rest they need in order to function optimally.

They reminded me of the value of play, rest, and togetherness in restoring and bringing ourselves into balance.

The essence of Dolphin Blessings rejuvenates through deep interconnectedness, a reminder that we belong and are a part of everything. It enhances our experience of how rest, play, love and joy calibrate our system towards greater health and well being.

I have had profound spiritual experiences with Replenish, which I will write about in a future blog.

On a practical level, Replenish has helped me fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer, and get back to sleep by taking a few drops in the middle of the night. The quality of my sleep is deeper and more refreshing. My dreams are vivid and memorable. During the day the Replenish spray brings rhythmic periods of relaxation and restoration during my very productive, often hectic and active days.

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May you truly be blessed by the dolphins and an infusion of sweet tropical bliss!


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  1. Susanne says:

    Dearest Jane , what a beautiful experience.
    My husband was sick 8 years ago with Bell’s palsy . No medication helped . We went swimming with dolphins and the day after everything was gone . I have photos of him before swimming while swimming and after swimming with the dolphins.this was extremely powerful.
    I admire your work and enjoy reading your blog , please write more . Much love , Susi

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