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When I began teaching about Flower Essences many years ago, I gingerly approached the notion that Nature was more than the form of trees, rocks, or the ocean. In the early days I encountered skepticism and even fear of what could not be seen. It has been deeply gratifying to witness a shift in awareness where many people are relating to Nature as the unseen forces that give and maintain life. No nature, no life. This is progress.

Taking Flower Essences led me into the mystery of Nature as healer. It was a revelation to take something so subtle, based on vibration, that catalyzed profound physiological, psychological and spiritual shifts that others noticed as well. After many years in therapy I had great understanding of my dysfunctional patterns, while many of the behaviors remained. The first month taking Flower Essences led to profound and permanent shifts.

From there my relationship with Nature has grown in depth and complexity, and is a practical and inspiring part of my everyday life. It feels like the timing is perfect to share what I know and what I do in partnership with Nature.

Why now? As Einstein said “You can’t solve the problem at the same level it was created.” On a global level we are seeing collapses in economies, governments, environmental stability and job markets. Nature is a master problem solver. I envision a time when nature intuitives are hired to translate the living intelligence of Nature which is current and evolutionary in scope.

Many of my clients are using the changes in the economy and their job status to evaluate what they are really in service to and what would be a form for their work that is enlivening and sustainable. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we are all challenged to recreate ourselves and our lives. This can be a daunting task without support and guidance.

While our old support structures are breaking down, rather than feel helpless and hopeless we can connect with each other and Nature in new ways to shift our consciousness and embody the support that is available.

Some of the things I do daily in partnership with Nature that I will be teaching in the future include:

Northern Lady's Slipper1.Taking Flower Essences and using sprays to remain resilient and innovative to co- create the quality of my energy state and surroundings. When I set my goals from an expanded state, I seem to attract the perfect resources and support vs having to run around all over trying to get what I need.

2. Align my energy in a simple meditation that promotes good energetic hygiene. This allows me to maintain my energetic boundaries and not absorb and merge with non- serving energy in my environment or with others. This marked a turning point in healing my long standing chronic fatigue syndrome.

 3. Ask for help. Many of us try to do it all ourselves, and there is a much easier way. I hire great people and love to collaborate with others. I also have several non-physical “support teams” comprised of nature intelligences that I dialogue with about my health, creative projects and professional endeavors.  Whether thinking of this as my own higher wisdom or help from the unseen forces, I find that including a broader perspective with my own personal intentions has been a trustworthy source of guidance.

4. I have a daily practice of centering into my heart. This is where I connect to Nature, and as you will see in a future blog, this practice is one of the best things we can do for our own health and well-being.

I invite you to share your experiences and approaches as you cultivate your own unique partnership with Nature.


“When the animals come to us, asking for our help, will we know what they are saying?
When the plants speak to us in their beautiful, delicate language, will we be able to answer them?
When the planet herself sings to us in our dreams, will we be able to wake ourselves and act?”

— Gary Lawless



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  1. Marilyn says:

    I have been the recipient of so many of your teachings, and could not have so eloquently entered into a conversation with the elements of nature as I've been able if I'd not been introduced to this relationship with nature.

    It is so wonderful to know that I have a "place" in nature, and that somehow my heart-centeredness contributes to its balance.

    I live in Connecticut, and through your helpful directions and suggestions, was able to feel a great sense of strength and protection that my house offered me directly.

    I'm so happy that you are blogging and keeping the conversation and support going!

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