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After spending over a week clearing out and organizing my computers, I really got in touch with how un-techy I am. My early childhood was spent without a car or television, so I played outside and did creative projects indoors. There was never a dull moment, as my imagination was fully engaged.

Sadly, as an adult there are many dull moments correcting issues with my shopping cart, entering stuff in Quickbooks, answering email, etc. The common thread for most of what I don’t like to do is administration and the computer. So, I went on a techno strike and bought a paper calendar book. Sayonara iCal!

Winter Garden

I was in heaven writing birthdays in colored ink, appointments in pencil, capturing ideas for the new year on the monthly overview. Then I got really creative, stamping the pages with designs in bold colors, using my “love, truth, faith, joy, magic, create” stamps to remind myself each week what is really important. My calendar came alive as I cut images and words from magazines and made mini-collages for each month.

My calendar book has a space for primary objectives each month, and for April I cut out a picture of a travel trailer, the words “Dream Camper” and I wrote “Go Somewhere”. Within a couple days I was invited to a 3-day crafts weekend with my female cousins in Janesville, Wisconsin, where I was born. They are renting a house for three days in April to gather and be creative. I have longed for closer family ties and creativity — here is an opportunity.

There is still a long list of “to dos” each day, but also reminders of the qualities of freedom, connectedness, adventure, and FUN that make it all worthwhile.

I continue to practice “assimilating the essence of my experiences” which I am realizing is an essential part of the creation process. First we clear out the old, then ask to assimilate the essence, blessings, and good fortune of our past experiences. That energy acts as a magnet in our field to attract the next right thing to us.

Here’s to a truly remarkable and fulfilling new year full of discovery and satisfaction!


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2 Responses to Creating the New Year

  1. Mark D'Aquila says:

    I love that you were born in Janesville. I spent much of January clearing out old items and files and papers as well. I was thinking at a few moments that "I should be more productive" but I now see it was what the moment was asking for.

    Nice to read your blog.

    Happy 2013,
    Mark D'Aquila

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Mark. Inaction can be so very productive. It is an essential part of the creation cycle. I am cultivating faith as I follow my true energy vs what I "think I should do". Writing blogs used to be arduous. Now I wait until the energy is there and it is easy and fun to write. Blessings!

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