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Over the last 20 years or so I have developed what I call Energetic Architecture, which is an attitude and process I use in partnership with Nature to clear and repattern the energetic blueprints that precede form. Everything that you can touch, see, taste and feel starts as energy. In the same way that you would give your contractor a newly revised blueprint if he were to remodel your house, the same thing applies to other aspects of our lives. Change the blueprint to reflect your up to date intentions and wishes, and you get something new.

All of our homes, relationships, finances, businesses, and our health have blueprints that are the invisible counterparts to what shows up in our lives. These blueprints are largely unconscious and often outdated. The tendency when we want to change something is to change the form first through a divorce, a move, or a new job, etc. If we enter that new experience with the old blueprint in place, we often replicate the experience we just left. With Energetic Architecture we create an up to date, spacious intention and then I work with Nature and Flower Essences to update the blueprints that inform your life. One of my initial experiences was when I lived in Alaska, and the land and mineral rights to a pristine wilderness area across the bay were in the process of being sold by the Native corporation to developers. My neighbor, Janice Schofield, had been involved for 4 years in an effort to buy the land back as a preserve. One evening she was very distraught and asked if there was anything I could do with Nature. She was not attached to the outcome, but the process had worn everyone down. I connected to my “non physical team” and we cleared and repatterned the buyback process. In the morning Janice came over to say that very unexpectedly during the night a resolution was made and the land was preserved forever. As I pondered the power and responsibility of this new work, I had concerns that it could be misused to manipulate an outcome. Several people that I told asked if I could make this or that happen. I asked Nature about this and what I received was that Pan, the bio intelligence who directs the actions of the elemental energies of air, earth, fire, water and love, acts as a spam filter. If someone were to try and manipulate the energy and outcome, the request would be dismissed. Over the years I have come to see my role as facilitator, translator, space holder, and most of all relationship builder. Why I can do what I do is all about my relationship with Nature, which I treasure and cultivate. When

I work with clients I listen to their concerns and desires, and then I open to an intention statement from Nature that is always bigger and more inclusive than either of us could have thought of. Although the outcome is sometimes not what we expected, the work opens up the biggest possibility for an outcome that is often less stressful, rich with perspective, and ultimately for the best. I live in gratitude for my partnership with Nature that is inclusive, alive, intelligent and constantly available.

“Over a decade ago, I was co-chair of a citizen group in Alaska that was working to save 25,000 acres of old growth forest from being clearcut. Year after year, our hopes were smashed. It wasn’t until Jane Bell did an energetic architecture process that all finally came into alignment. If you are stuck with old patterns repeating themselves, I highly recommend Jane’s services to help create a blueprint for a new reality.”

— Janice Schofield, author Discovering Wild Plants, and Beyond Road’s End



3 Responses to Co-Creation or Manipulation

  1. Leslie Marlowe says:

    Hi Jane,

    I listened to you today on Herbal Highway. I enjoyed every word of what you said, as always, and it fascinated me in particular when you shared a tidbit about the energies of the watery feminine being stagnant in our CA Pacific Coast area with our drought. I have really been feeling this on a deep level this year. I would love to hear more about these kinds of cosmic energies, their symbolic significance to our health and evolution. Is there a person or book you might recommend as a place to hear more on this work? I find it helps me knowing why I have been having such a profound sense of being too dry to cry, too solid to soften, too strong to surrender, almost like a menstrual period that doesn't flow (even though I'm menopausal!) and all of this made great sense today when I heard you speak of the stagnant waters of the feminine in our environment, not necessarily originating in my body, but the earth's body. This is a WOW that fascinates me. I'd love to dive in and learn more 🙂

    • Jane says:

      Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for sharing your experience!
      I don't know of a book to send you to.
      In May I will be teaching a class about deepening our connection with Nature and I will teach attunement skills so you can communicate with all aspects of Nature.
      I am clear that doing Energetic Architecture for big collective issues is meant to be done in a group. In the fall I hope to start the first Energetic Architecture training. I see energetic activism becoming very important and beneficial as more of us join together and work in partnership with Nature.

  2. Claudia Keel says:

    I am moved read this eloquent and profound description of 'Energetic Architecture'. This past year I began to apply a bit of all you taught and shared about this powerful process with the elements and essences - and the effects have been amazing! I am so deeply grateful for all you have brought together and held for us. I hope more people learn of these processes as I too feel they can be transformative. Thank you for all Jane!

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