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I was touched by this wonderful story from Marilyn Holt, and the potential for healing in partnership with Nature that is available to us all. Please enjoy, and I would love to hear about your experiences!!! – Jane


I have a small garden up against the house which I admittedly don’t tend to very well. Every fall it is completely overgrown, chaotic and ugly. I feel awful looking at it and I never want to deal with having to clean it out for the winter season.

This year I decided to use Clean Sweep to help me with this task. Inside the house, I have been using Clean Sweep to help me break down the de-cluttering tasks into smaller, more do-able pieces and it has helped enormously.

GardenSo, to prepare me for the gardening task at hand, I put Clean Sweep in the water that I was drinking as I gathered the tools for the deep weeding, and I also put the bottle of it in my back pocket. I needed fortification any way I could get it!

When I began, I felt overwhelmed, a little bit nauseous, and the self-talk began about how I never do this gardening thing right. I also hopeless that I would never do it differently.

I have learned that allowing feelings to just be is really the path of least resistance, so I just kept breathing in and out, and hoping that Clean Sweep would jump in and rescue me from these feelings!

In a subtle, yet powerful way, as is always the case with flower essences, I didn’t notice the shift right away, but when I did, it was pretty powerful. I had never ever realized that doing such a radical weeding was part of a “relationship!”

I already trusted that the properties of Clean Sweep would help me to begin a new pattern that would serve me better, but I had never really considered that I had a relationship with the garden and all the elements and creatures living in it! Instead of this being a dreaded chore, I suddenly felt that my engagement in this process was benefiting “others” in this little patch of land that also needed the freedom of wide-open freshly raked space, to feel cared for and nourished, and to feel as though a pair of eyes were shining in their direction. They too, are giving way to the cooler weather, seeking shelter, going underground. I was delighted to find 3 fuzzy brown caterpillars under all the brush that I cleared! What a huge shift to have approached this garden with reluctance to finishing with a sense of deep, mutual caring.

I have added Clean Sweep to the water that I use for my indoor plants. I want the energy of Clean Sweep in every aspect of my house. It has made a profound difference not only in my attitude but in the person I live with! Instead of dreading the task of de-cluttering this house, which feels so important to do, I now look forward to the next section that I enter into a relationship with!

Surely no ordinary household product would ever help me the way Clean Sweep does! Thank you, Jane, for creating this amazing blend! I thank you, and so do all the elementals in this house who will enjoy the new view!


Marilyn Holt is Owner of Spirited Touch Therapeutic Massage in West Hartford, CT. You can read more about her work by visiting www.spiritedtouch.com.



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