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Our hearts go out to all of you who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. All of us have been affected. What we have to offer to those who have sustained losses and had your lives turned upside down are our love, prayers, and Flower Essences.

Steve Johnson from Alaskan Essences requested that a relief kit be assembled while he is teaching a free workshop in Japan called “Using the Alaskan Essences for PTSD and How to Clear and Heal Damaged Environments.” Early last week Marnie from Alaskan Essences and I began collaborating on the selection of essences and descriptions simplified and written for a set called “Calm After the Storm.” Both Hawaiian and Alaskan Essences are included, and being donated to practitioners in the affected areas who are willing and able to make free dosage bottles and distribute them widely to those in need. It has been gratifying to connect with numerous practitioners in and around New York who are mobilized to bring support from the gentle side of Nature.

We wanted to share about the essences in the set to facilitate their use during this time of recovery and renewal.

To make a dosage bottle:

Put two drops of each of the essences
you want to use into a 1oz bottle
filled with 75% water and 25% brandy

For those wanting more complete descriptions, here are the latest versions:

Animal Care™ Rescue Formula: Shock, Trauma, Separation – Soothing, Comforting
This formula soothes and comforts both wild and domestic animals that have been stressed, displaced, separated from family members or other animal companions, moved to a shelter or have withstood trauma of any kind.

Banyan Tree:
Tired, Transition, Frazzled- Grounding, Soothing, relaxing
Grounds you during times of expansion, transition, and change. Soothing when your life is “up in the air” or when feeling tired, wired, or overwhelmed. Calming in the midst of chaos and when you are faced with unknowns.

Coconut Palm: Change, Challenge, Chaos – Strength, Resilience, Acceptance
Increases your ability to meet change with acceptance, flexibility, and strength. Expands your natural capacity for resourcefulness, resilience, innovation and wonder. Staying strong by being flexible.

Ladies’ Tresses:
– Shock, Trauma, Disconnect – Re connect, Release
Trauma can leave us feeling disoriented and unable to function. This essence gently guides us back into our bodies so we can release trauma and re connect to our selves and our lives.

Lighten Up™ Energy Formula: Depressed, Discouraged, Lethargic – Energizing, Uplifting, Positive
For all those without power, and for the dark time of the year, this formula is uplifting, energizing, inspiring and nourishing. Helps you have a more light filled perspective when things are difficult and helps lighten up feelings of discouragement or despair.

Rainbow Shower Tree: Afraid Vulnerable, Separate- Nurturing, Safety, Trust
Nurtures you with feelings of safety so you can accept your vulnerability and trust the unfolding of life. Encourages group harmony between families and communities.

River Beauty – Emotional Devastation, Grief, Sadness, Loss – Recovery, Healing, Transformation
An essence of emotional recovery, reorientation and regeneration; helps us start over after emotionally devastating experiences; empowers us to use adverse circumstances as incentive for cleansing and growth.

Soapberry: Fear, Tension, Stress – Balance, Peace, Courage
Helps release the fear of Nature when you have been through a “natural disaster” and feel vulnerable.

Soul Support™ Emergency Formula: Shock, Stress, Trauma – Strength, Stability, Restoration
Help for staying strong, centered and stable during emergencies. Coming to term with the reality of loss on material and emotional levels. Supports emotional recovery and rejuvenation, and healing on all levels. Gives us the strength to get through devastating times.

Tidal Forces: Change, Grief, Letting Go – Acceptance, Faith, Openness
Support for grieving and ultimately accepting what has happened to life as you have known it. Trusting that all loss is gain, and your life will come back into balance.

Timelessness: Impatience, Tension, Transition- Patience, Relaxation, Presence
Finding patience with the recovery process and releasing tension around the time it takes to rebuild lives. Helpful during transition, when the old has gone, and the new has not yet arrived. Helps you remember what is most important to you.

Veil of Light™
: Overwhelmed, Afraid, Over Stimulated – Safety, Protection, Calm
An Inner Refuge Formula enveloping you in a cocoon of safety and protection. Helps you relax in the midst of stimulation when your nerves are frayed and you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed.

We hope these essences provide comfort, boost resiliency, release trauma and support you, your friends, families, pets and communities in the recovery process. If you are a practitioner dispensing these essences, please post a comment below.
With love, Jane and the staff at Alaskan Essences.


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  1. What a beautiful initiative! A beautiful offering that will make a difference to so many xo

  2. Tamar Adelstein says:

    Nov 3, 2012
    Dear Jane,
    Hi, I'm a flower essence practitioner and just got off the phone with Judy Goldberg about getting flower essences out to people in need after the Hurricane. I live in Brooklyn and we were really spared - just a few branches fell down and getting gasoline has been problematic.
    As my work is mainly in the Jewish community, I am looking into how best to offer flower essences to those in places hardest hit.
    As soon as I have more info on this I'll get back to you.
    Best Wishes,
    Tamar Adelstein

    • Daniela says:

      Hi Tamar,
      let me know if I can help in any way.
      (friend of Judy's)

      • Jane says:

        Thank you for supporting each other and your communities. I'm trying to exchange information about who is giving out essences...so check back. Thanks for your wonderful efforts!

  3. Daniela says:

    Hi Jane,

    I am so happy that you are preparing a kit to help with the hurricane's aftermath. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

    I think we have been all impacted by the storm, and it will take a while to get back to normal. I walked around Manhattan this afternoon, in the areas that did not have power for four long days, and you can feel that people are trying to slowing restart.

    This morning i opened my Alaskan essences and was drawn to fire-weed combo, tidal forces and solstice storm. I feel that these are good for me and for New York.

    I would love to hear what you think we need.


    • Jane says:

      So glad you are well! We considered many essences and came up with the 12 above that we felt had widespread applications. The three you chose are great, Solstice Storm is no longer available. I hope someone puts essences in the remaining flood waters to shift the energy and accelerate the healing.

  4. Linda Cohen says:

    Wonderful thoughtful choices to make dosage bottles for so many in shock and ungrounded transition, grief and in need of relief. We will reach out to many with the healing essences provided by Jane and Steve... which I will offer, after making the dosage bottles, at Flower Power Herbs and Roots at 406 East 9th Street and Namaste Bookshop at 2 West 14th Street. Thanks for making such a huge difference so many miles away.

  5. Tamar Adelstein says:

    Nov 4
    Hi,I've put together a checklist of cross-referenced flower essences and emotions victims of Hurricane Sandy may be experiencing using a variety of flower essences from Bach, FES, Harebell, and, of course, Alaskan. You can email me to see it since I have no idea how to forward it to this comment box!
    Best Wishes,

  6. Tamar Adelstein says:

    Nov 5, 2012
    Flower Essences for Recovery and Renewal
    by Tamar Adelstein
    Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

    Flower Essences are liquid herbal remedies taken to promote and support emotional healing and stress management. The popular RESCUE REMEDY is well-known for its quick effectiveness in restoring calm during a crisis or trauma. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Flower Essences can play an important role in helping victims regain their composure and remain steady as they work through the challenges of recovery and renewal in the coming days, weeks, and months.

    A branch of the holistic system of alternative/complimentary medicine, Flower Essences are gentle, non-toxic, side-effect free, and easy to use.  They are also fragrance-free, non-allergenic and are safe compliments to both conventional and alternative treatments.

    For the kosher consumer Flower Essences are taken topically at the pulse points (wrists, temples, heart/lung center) or specific areas of need via glass dropper bottle, carrier cream or through misting oneself and environment.

    The below checklist cross references a selection of Flower Essences and the feelings you may be experiencing at this time. Read through the list and choose up to 5 Flower Essences which we will then mix into a dropper bottle for you to use. Try to establish a routine taking your remedy either:
    1x upon wakening and 1x before bed - apply 7 drops each time at the pulse points
    3 to 4x’s throughout the day - apply 4 drops each time at the pulse points
    You can additionally take the remedy any time you feel especially overwhelmed or down.

    *Traditional Medicinals Bach flower essence
    **Flower Essence Society flower essence
    ***Harebell flower essence
    ****Alaskan flower essence


    **RESCUE REMEDY - offers short term rapid relief from shock and trauma

    ****LADIES’ TRESSES - I’m still in shock at the devastation and loss I’ve just been through. I’m feeling kind of “discombobulated”. I need something to reconnect me with myself and surroundings.

    *ELM - I’m usually so capable but right now I feel totally overwhelmed by the magnitude of what I need to get done to get back to normal.

    **INDIAN PINK - I’m having trouble staying anchored and focused in the midst of having to coordinate so many diverse demands and details in order to restore a semblance of normalcy.

    **RED CLOVER - It’s hard not getting caught up in waves of mass panic and/or aggravation when I’m surrounded by overwhelmed neighbors and discouraging media reports. How can I remain feeling focused and confident?

    *IMPATIENS - My patience is really running thin. It seems like everything and everyone is moving at a snail’s pace. I feel so irritable and tense.

    **DANDELION - I just can’t relax since the storm, its damage, and my losses. My muscles ache from all the tension I can’t seem to let go of.

    **CALIFORNIA VALERIAN - My nerves are absolutely on edge! I’m so worried about the future that I can barely sleep at night. I feel like I’ve lost my inner equilibrium and tranquility.

    ***LUNGWORT - I’m feeling really vulnerable and my breathing has been tight and shallow. I’ve always been prone to chest and respiratory ailments and the Hurricane seems to have exacerbated it.

    ***PANSY - I can tell my resistance is really low right now. The last thing I need is to get sick, especially when so many are depending on me to help make things right.

    **CHAMOMILE - My digestion is a mess. My stomach is in knots and everything I eat just makes me feel sick. When I’m anxious, this is where I really feel it.

    **YARROW ENVIRONMENTAL FORMULA - promotes protection from the noxious after-effects following an environmental disaster.

    ****LIGHTEN UP™ - promotes a light filled perspective when things are difficult, especially for those without power and now facing the time change with its longer dark nights.

    **SPLENDID MARIPOSA LILY - promotes a sense of security within the environment following loss and displacement after a natural disaster.

    ***BINDWEED - Of course I believe in Hasgocha Pratis (Divine Providence) and that HaShem’s (G-d Almighty’s) Plan makes sense but right now, b’gashmius - emotionally and mentally, I need some support to help me feel that each stage of HaShem’s Will is for the best.

    **HAWTHORN - Obviously the loss of my material possessions and being displaced is painful but what’s really been distressing is the loss of our personal keepsakes, family photos, letters, sentimental things of value. I need a sense of knowing “this too will pass”.

    **GREEN CROSS GENTIAN -I need something to help restore my hope and resolve in the face of this disaster.

    **PENSTEMON - Something that will strengthen my reservoirs of courage and resilience.

    ***BROOM - Something that will help me through these difficult times to make a clean sweep, renew my faith, and start afresh!

    ****FIREWEED COMBO - Lastly, something that will promote rejuvenation and renewal for my family and self but will also fine-tune the process in a way that helps me keep things simple and straightforward without adding to the difficulties already present

  7. Frances says:

    may your love and the love and blessings and healing qualities of these precious beings from nature help bring some relief and emotional and soul nutrition to these people so affected! thank you Jane and Steve...we are praying with you all! love Frances

  8. Catherine says:

    I live in NYC, and I am grateful for your offer of the Calm After The Storm flower essence set. It would be so helpful not only for the folks living in the communities that are still struggling post-hurricane, but also for the volunteers, rescue workers, healers and caregivers who are working to alleviate the suffering. I would be honored to share the flower essences with those who need it most. I will also contact Marnie at Alaskan Essences. Thank you!

  9. Tamar Adelstein says:

    Dec 19, 2012

    Dear Friends,

    This past Sunday, Dec 16th, I had the opportunity to bring my Flower Essence Recovery and Renewal Guide and flower essences to a Jewish community event held on the last day of Chanuka for Hurricane Sandy survivors - although I told them they were really heroes for holding out so well after all they've been and continue to go through from their losses. The program was held in Far Rockaway, New York and people came from all of the affected areas.

    Interestingly, many people picked Dandelion, Californian Valerian, Pansy, Bindweed, Banyan Tree, and Tidal Forces.

    It was heartwarming to see how people who never encountered flower essences before really took to them.
    One little boy kept coming to my table and pointing to the bottles on display and said he wanted one - by the way all of the other tables were filled with brightly colored toys, games, treats and there were inflatable bouncing rides and a band was performing the whole time. I told the little boy to bring his mommy over and then I would give them a bottle. Well, I don't know if I met his mother while he was having fun somewhere else, but it was fascinating to see how drawn he was to my table.

    I hope I'll have other opportunities to bring these wonderful remedies to others in need.

    Thanks so much to Jane Bell and Steve Johnson for their very generous contributions of bottles and flower essences!

    Best Wishes,
    Tamar Adelstein

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