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Throughout my life, two consistent threads have been my intimate relationship with the unseen world of Nature and my commitment to give something back.

Jane Bell

As a child, being in nature was my source of comfort. My heartfelt appreciation opened the door to deep and direct communication. Over the years I consciously cultivated my abilities as a nature intuitive, and trusted my guidance when making life choices. This gave me the courage to take the interesting risks, the leaps of faith, that allowed me to live a wildly authentic, meaningful, and congruent life.

This dynamic, ongoing, living conversation with Nature evolved to become the foundation for my life and work.

I have spent my 30 year career as a Flower Essence Practitioner supporting thousands of people in their self development, training practitioners for the future, preparing essences in the pristine wilderness of Alaska and more recently in Bali and Hawaii, and pioneering a body of work called Energetic Architecture that I will soon offer to a wider audience. It has been a privilege to be fulfilling the assignment of my heart and immersed in work I love so deeply!

The last year and a half have required countless hours and utter devotion to birth this website project and the Hawaiian Essences. I have been going between the worlds to research and embody the archetypes of each Hawaiian Essence to bring their wisdom and energies directly to you.

During this process I have been rewired and remodeled, now it is time to take a dose of my own medicine and slow down, relax, replenish, recreate and get to know the new me. From this place of refreshment I will begin a new cycle of creation.

This is a pivotal time in human history, and I would love to be your tour guide into a world that for me is full of love, inspiration, practical wisdom, and everyday magic. Thank you!!!!

It’s so easy to know who you are when you’re being yourself.


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