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In the wake of Hurricane Irene I want to share some thoughts about the wild times in which we live. While I may not have all the ‘answers,’ what I bring to our communal ‘Round Table’ is many years experience learning to listen deeply to Nature — along with plenty of good questions for us to explore together. I invite you to join me here in the ongoing living, evolutionary conversation with Life.

Collectively we take for granted Nature’s ability to generate and maintain life while we continue to put tremendous pressure on her resources. While Irene’s status was eventually downgraded to a Category I storm, she still carried enough force to do extensive damage and shake us up. Her fury, along with all the other extreme weather conditions we are experiencing, bears testimony to the huge job we have foisted on Nature to bring the earth back into balance.

Whether it is the bridges in Vermont, the economy, job and housing market, it is clear that we are in a process of death and rebirth. While we may not be able to change what is happening in the world, we can always change our relationship to it. We are in the heart of an evolutionary maelstrom. Things are collapsing and falling apart around us, and as in any evolutionary leap, chaos and crisis precedes new birth.

That is where my work comes in, to share perspective that can help shift consciousness. Saturday as Irene was touching down on the East coast, I wrote an email with some suggestions about ways to prepare to meet the hurricane. I received many strong, touching replies, which I will share in a subsequent blog. Writing and hearing back from many of you was gratifying, to know that we are in this big evolutionary wake up call together. It is time to band together with each other and the unseen world.

As well-known astrologer and visionary activist Caroline Casey says… “All of Creation is inviting us to re-join the dance. Dedication allows us to cross the threshold into the culture of reciprocal blessing that we may be synchronously danced into place where we can do the most good, while having the most serious fun.”

My aim is to teach and share some of the things I know that we can practice during the easy times, and have at the ready when the going gets tough. With tools, resources and connections we can continue realigning within ourselves and supporting our individual and global evolution.

Part of this evolutionary shift is doing this together. While I can’t predict the specifics about what will happen, my sense is that joining together to stay strong, supported and flexible in the wake of change will help us meet all that is to come with an open heart.

Please join me in this exploration of what is possible through shifting consciousness in partnership with Nature.

An alchemical blessing for us all:

May we be strong in our centers and meet all that arises with courage.
May we respond to all challenges with strong intentions of clearing, aligning, and waking up!
May we grow from being the author and authority of own experiences.
May we continuously emerge with greater clarity about what truly matters and be willing to let our hearts lead the way!


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