Jane Bell Essences - Healing in Partnership with Nature Jane Bell Essences

May these exquisite offerings support you to nourish yourself like never before.

This project is the culmination of my four decades as a Flower Essence practitioner, educator, researcher and co-producer of the Alaskan Essence line. I’m honored to transmit the power of the plant and nature allies straight from the Hawaiian Islands into your life.

With these offerings, you will experience subtle but powerful levels of relaxation, pleasure, and potency. These are essential keys for our personal sustainability, so needed as we turn the corner into a new era with new demands

Our website is continually evolving… this new version enables you to view our easy-to-read list of the qualities of the Hawaiian Essences, our Hawaiian Essences brochure, shop for both Hawaiian and Alaskan Essences, and learn more about Flower Essences. Your feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

May you feel supported and held during these times of change.


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