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The Hawaiian Essences Backstory

The Hawaiian Essences were conceived on a winter vacation in 1992 when I was “invited” by Nature to prepare two essences. At the time I was living and making essences in Alaska, and I was surprised and honored to be told that I would be returning to Hawaii in the future to continue this project.

Over the years, I visited Hawaii for vacations and meditation retreats, and always felt so nourished and enlivened. In 2006 my dear friend Dr. Dorothy Mandel and I went on a “vacation” to Bali and were directed to make six essences there. Little did we know that this was preparation for our grand Hawaiian adventure. When we planned a trip to Hawaii in 2008, I received very clear guidance about making essences and began working with the energy of Hawaii before arriving.

Preparing essences in Hawaii was an initiation and a wild ride from the moment we got there. The energy and experience was completely different from Alaska! Dorothy and I made three trips together to make essences and do research and attunements. Her Ph.D research and innate wisdom about the paradigm shift from the trauma to a heart based resiliency model have been a backbone for this work. Her love is woven throughout this project and my life.

I was curious about whether these essences were relevant and necessary, and immediately bottled them and began giving them to students, clients, and practitioners around the world to research. I quickly began receiving feedback about how nourishing, relaxing, and rejuvenating they were. We discovered that their main gift is to lead us towards personal sustainability by learning the art of relaxation, cultivating our relationship to pleasure, and becoming potent in finding our gifts and offering them to the world.

As we were making the essences in 2008 the stock market was collapsing, and similar systems followed. The Hawaiian Essences have become an important system to help us shift our focus from what has dissolved to what is emerging. All of us are challenged to be flexible, adaptable, resourceful and innovative in the face of change. It is a new and exciting time!

Over the last four years I have spent countless hours attuning to and researching the essences and using them with my clients. During this time I experimented with and learned a great deal about essential oils and how to create beautiful sprays. My mentor, John Steele, gave me the ultimate compliment, which was that I had made extraordinary blends with the aesthetics, energetics and plant intelligence perfectly aligned. Kathleen Aspenns contributed the Caldera essence and has assisted me with her brilliant attunement skills throughout the development of this project.

It has taken a year and a half of solid focus to birth this website, package the products and get all the information aligned and in your hands. The sheer brilliance, creative genius and loving support of my graphic designer, Mariah Parker, has been a true blessing and essential to midwifing this project.

All of the Hawaiian Essences and Sprays are bottled and shipped by the wonderful folks at the Montana headquarters of the Alaskan Essences. I rest easy knowing they are in such good hands! It feels like coming full circle from supporting and co-creating the Alaskan essence with Steve Johnson these 20+ years and receiving back his generous and heartfelt support for my independent offerings.

This collaboration between my seen and unseen teams has stretched me to my limits, showered me with grace, opened the pathway to a new life, and given me the unbounded satisfaction of offering to you the culmination of 30 years of experience as a Nature Intuitive and pioneer in the flower essence field.

May the Hawaiian Essences grace you with sweet, tropical bliss
May you feel deeply nourished, sustained and held
May you learn to relax, open to pleasure, and express your potency in the world
May your days be filled with grace as you meet what is emerging with an open heart


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