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Flower Essences

Imagine… feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and enlivened!

Imagine suddenly sensing deep inside you: All is well.

This is what Hawaiian Essences help you do. Our vibrant Flower and Nature Essences shift your energy so that you can engage with life in potent new ways, while our exquisite sprays instantly uplift your environment with their sensuous aromas and sparkling energy. Both open the doorway to the unseen support that is always available to you.

Hawaiian Essences embody the sacred energies of the Islands, the alchemical wisdom and loving care of Jane’s highly developed relationship with Nature, and some of the finest and rarest essential oils in the world. They represent an evolutionary leap in plant and nature healing preparations.

Enjoy viewing our beautiful brochure, reading descriptions of all products, and browsing photos of our offerings. Hawaiian Single and Combination Essences, Sprays and Kits can all be purchased in our online store.

Experience the shift. Give yourself the gift of self-care. Let the spirit of Nature help you replenish so that you may flourish in your life and give your greatest gifts to the world.


For the backstory on the Hawaiian Essences…


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